What can I say I started from the bottom at moms basement, I first picked up a pair clippers when I was 16. My mom was a beautician for over 15years so I followed my moms foot steps. I use to go with her to work every Saturday for couple hours and always enjoyed just being in that type of environment and watching my moms clients come in looking like a mess and leave looking flawless. When I’ll go to the barbershop to get my hair cut I’ll watch the barbers there while I wait for a cut and learn different techniques then go home try them on my friends. I’ll cut some of my friends, cousins, brothers for free, after I got a lil better enough to charge I’ll charge 5$ hair cuts and use that money to buy more, and better supplies. I’ve been working at the cutting edge for about 5years now, we have a great team.. most importantly I see them as my brothers, it’s like a brotherhood. I mean I see them more then my own family at home but you grow a bound with your team and especially knowing they love doing what I love doing. We grow together, we learning from one another, giving out flawless cuts with great customer service, and it’s never about being better then anyone it’s just grinding and putting that hard work dedication and staying humble. My future goal is to get better improve my weaknesses, learn from other barbers in the industry, get me teachers license to teach upcoming barbers, but most importantly get my own shop!